With 11 Real Estate funds in development projects and REIT like structures, Milestone has invested into over 26 million sq.ft. of projects in India.

Real Estate PE in India has consistently grown over past few years due to rapid urbanisation & rising income levels. This sector is expected to generate over 17 million jobs across the country by 2025. Housing, retail, hospitality & commercial sub-sectors have grown considerably, to help in meeting the increasing infrastructure needs of the country.

With 9 onshore and 2 offshore funds, Milestone believes that real estate continues to be of utmost interest as an investment option and it plans to deploy significant capital going forward from its existing and new funds. Having demonstrated full cycle capability across funds, Milestone has successfully raised capital, deployed and nurtured investments and has profitably divested with healthy IRRs ever since its inception in 2007.

Innovative real estate themes
  • Real Estate
    Development Funds

    Focus on Affordable Homes & Warehousing
    Dedicated in-house Project Management & Development Team

  • Structured Debt Fund

    Equity like returns with Debt like security
    All investments are asset backed thus providing optimal security

  • Real Estate Rental Yield Funds

    JV with IL&FS Investment Managers
    Dedicated in-house Project Management & Development Team

  • Startegic Initiatives

    Bullion Series
    Portfolio Management Services