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With over 22 million square feet of real estate development under management, Milestone has significant investments into the residential, commercial and warehousing sectors in India.

The Milestone real estate development business consists of a diversified portfolio across equity, structured and mezzanine deals, with moderately sized deals with reputed developers and with adequate margin of safety. In line with the company's philosophy of 'Active Management', the Milestone fund managers along with a highly qualified project management team provide techno-commercial support to all projects from investment to exit.

Milestone advises 3 onshore and 1 offshore fund in the real estate development space.


Milestone Domestic Scheme III

The scheme's primary objective is to provide attractive returns to its investors through strategic investments into projects (in top 8 Indian cities), which have made significant progress and have temporary funding gaps, and are slated to launch within 6 months to a year. Through a structured financing with multilayered security and promoter's guarantees, the fund has partnered developers having the requisite market expertise, construction management capability and good track record of project execution. Till date the fund has invested into around 7 million sq.ft. into the above asset class.

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Total Corpus
Final Closing Date 31st January 2012
Term 3.5 years + 1 year + 1 year
No. of Investments 8

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